The Climbing Cooneys

The Climbing Cooneys

The home page of this site explains our basic desire: This is a Photographic "presentation of God's beautiful earth." Even if you never purchase anything, we hope you will find encouragement and even blessing in the images presented. Some may accuse us of "wearing our religion on our sleeve" in order to sell pictures. We would answer that what is presented here is born out of a sincere faith and a desire for others to enjoy what that faith brings to our lives. Most notably, we believe in a Creator God who not only brought this world into existence, but did so as One who could both create and enjoy beauty. The same God then, creating mankind, bestowed upon the human race the ability to perceive, appreciate, enjoy and worship the Creator of that beauty. So even though this world bears the unmistakable marks of sin, death, destruction and judgment, it also still bears the marks of its original created beauty and we find that in every place around us.

When surrounded by all this beauty, it is easy to fall into one trap which is to worship the creation rather than the Creator. We hope we are never guilty of that. The Apostle Paul in the New Testament book of Ephesians has a phrase he uses several times that corrects that possible error. It is translated in several Bible versions as this: "Unto the praise of His glory." We like to include this phrase in many of our presentations. As you revel in the magnificence of this creation, may you too join us in praising God for His glory.

The "Climbing Cooney's" (Tim & Carrie) have been visiting Colorado summits for all 40 years of their married life. Married in 1978, in 1983, Tim finished all the 14ers and Carrie finished in 1987, after having given birth to our two children, Shaun and Sharon, in 1980 and 1983. In 1994, Tim & Carrie finished the 100 highest Colorado summits; by 1995, they had finished the 200 highest. Then in 2002, it was the 300 highest. At that point, they began to realize that finishing all the Colorado 13ers could become a reality and so with a revised plan, they set about to do so. That goal was finished on August 3, 2013 on Boreas Mountain, accompanied by friends, family and some noteworthy fellow-peakbaggers. 

But climbing Colorado 13ers has not been their only interest. From their Grand Junction home, Tim & Carrie have put in thousands of miles of road biking including some notable "century" rides both in and out of state. They also enjoy mountain biking in and around the Grand Junction area as well as Moab. And in the winter, they relish the fresh powder snow of the Grand Mesa and spend many weekends enjoying the snowy backcountry and Nordic Council trails. 

In more recent years, they have branched out into technical canyoneering and have enjoyed an entirely different world than the Colorado high country by venturing into the Utah desert to clamber through remote slot canyons and have frequently visited the famous, Zion National Park. 

The advent of digital cameras brought Tim and Carrie back into the world of photography. Having visited so many remote places that few will ever see or experience, they decided to share that photography through this site. Here, you will see photos of common, frequently visited places, but you will also find a treasure trove of photographs of the Rocky Mountains and Colorado Plateau that you will never see anywhere else. Let the "Climbing Cooney's" do the leg work for you and you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of that labor of love.